A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in two hours with no textures and some free sfx. The controls are simple, space for jump and mouse for firing and aiming. The goal is to simply avoid enemy missiles and bullets while spikes and obstacles to gain a highscore. There is an easteregg in the game if anyone would like to try and find it. I would like to add that the game is quite hard to play so you'll likely get frustrated with it playing it.

Also, there is an issue with the game where most anti-virus programs will flag it as a potential threat or virus as it's an unknown executable, if anyone knows a fix for this besides putting the game on steam and launching it through that (a trusted program) I would much appreciate it :)

I do plan on finishing this game and packing it put with nice UI, leaderboards and saves and also building it for Mac, Linux and Android devices.

Just an added side note: The music in the game is a cover I made a song from Undertale, it's not that great of a cover but I included it as the game was dull without the music.

Install instructions

Download the Game.exe and Game_Data directory from the download link and place them in the same directory. After that, simply run the game.


Download Link
Source Code

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